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Dental Care Technology

Your comfort is our top priority at Performance Dental Center. We strive to make our patients’ experience pleasant, efficient, and comfortable in our family and cosmetic dentistry. You’ll always see us adding new equipment to our office, and we hope you’ll enjoy the differences that the latest technology can make! Dental technology is always advancing, and Dr. Sigman is committed to providing patients with the best options for care available.

Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry saves time and offers a more accurate picture of what’s going on with your oral health.

Digital x-rays, for example, allow Dr. Sigman to see your images immediately with a clearer picture than ever. This means he can diagnose more accurately, discuss your treatment needs with you right away, and expedite necessary treatment.

You’ll also find our office is equipped with digital records, meaning you can fill your paperwork out online ahead of time. You can access your patient paperwork, see upcoming appointments, and check your account balance all within our Patient Portal. If you have not set up your patient account yet, don’t worry! Just ask our office to send you your private access link. This way, when you arrive at Performance Dental Center, you’ll be able to relax instead of filling out tedious paperwork. Digital records are also easier for us to share with other pertinent providers.

Intraoral Camera

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this couldn’t be more true than when you’re trying to understand your dental treatment needs. The intraoral camera provides us with clear color images of your teeth and mouth that we’re able to share with you on screen in our treatment rooms. This allows you to have a better understanding of what’s going on in your mouth, so you can make educated decisions about your dental care.

Nitrous Oxide

At Performance Dental, we understand that not every patient feels comfortable while receiving dental care. Many patients experience fear and anxiety that keep them from getting the dental care they need. For these patients, we offer nitrous oxide.

Nitrous is a form of sedation dentistry, it is a breathable gas administered through a mask worn during your procedure. It works quickly to help you feel calm and relaxed during your appointment and leaves your system just as quickly after your treatment is done. It’s safe to use for any type of procedure, so whether you’re having a cleaning and a checkup or a root canal, you can sit back and relax throughout your care.

Dry Vacuum Pump

Water conservation is important to us. To conserve water, Performance Dental Center uses a dry vacuum pump system. This Dry Vacuum Pump saves approximately 250,000 gallons of water a year compared to a standard pump you will find in most other dental offices. By using 50% less water than traditional wet pump systems, we aspire to continue promoting water conservation.

Electric Handpieces

Electric handpieces allow us to have a specific RPM (revolutions per minute) when compared to traditional air-driven handpieces that are manually controlled. With a preselected and constant torque when we're polishing or meeting your other dental needs, we can perform clinic tasks safely and quickly.