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Financing Options


The Benefits of Healthcare FinancingThe CareCredit credit card gives Cardholders*:

  • A convenient way to pay for deductibles, unexpected expenses, copays and coinsurance, as well as other costs not covered by insurance
  • Promotional financing options with convenient monthly payments
  • A payment option to move forward with recommended care today
  • A way to fit payments into their monthly budge

Apply for CareCredit Healthcare Financing PreQualification Today. Filling out this information will not impact your credit score.

Lending Point

LendingPoint is a Personal Loan that provides

Low monthly payments, even beyond the actual time in treatment.

  • No down payment. Your practice can add a down payment if you choose, but LendngPoint’s program does not require it in an effort to remove financial barriers.
  • Pre-qualification won’t have any impact on your credit score. This is a great way to see what LendingPoint can offer, and there’s no obligation to use it.
  • Begin treatment as soon as possible versus delaying treatment and possibly incurring further damage to teeth & gums.
  • Dedicated financing for your dental treatment needs means you don’t have to pay with your credit card, preserving your buying power.
  • Higher approvals. LendingPoint has the widest FICO range in the industry, meaning they are able to approve more applicants than most lenders. LendingPoint can approve patients with FICO credit scores as low as a 580, which is in the “sub-prime space”. Most lenders won’t approve at scores that low. That’s not to say every patient with a 580+ FICO will automatically get approved as there are many variables that are part of the process. But with FICO scores of 580+ we’re seeing roughly 80% of applicants approved with LendingPoint’s program. For reference, the national avg FICO score is around 700.

LendingPoint’s pre-qualified offers are good for 30 days, so if you need to give it some thought or discuss with a family member, you have plenty of time.

Apply for LendingPoint Personal Healthcare Loan PreQualification Today. Filling out this information will no impact your credit score .