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Pets of PDC

Please note all pets with Performance Dental Center work from home and each one of them takes their assigned job very seriously

If you would like your pet on our website please send a picture of your pet and their name and any other info about your pet you would like us to know to with the Subject line Pets of PDC and we will get your pet added to our page!


Snack Manager


Director of Snuggles

Elly Cat

Director of Play time


Clinical Directory of Belly pats

The Magical Mr Meow

Supervisor of Cuddles

Potato Patahto

Lead Officer of Naps


Clinical Manager of Walks

Slash Sigman

Director of Clinical Morale

Princess Leia Barkgona

Director of Boops

Lizzy Fizzy Wiz

Clinical Director of Relaxation


Lead officer of Zoomies