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Top 4 Reasons To Choose a Family Dentist

In an age where many dental practices are being purchased by larger corporations, family dentistry is becoming an attractive choice for patients who want a personalized touch and superior care, free of the big-box systems and red tape that plagues many corporate dental practices. Here’s why you should choose a family dentist, like us, Performance Dental Center in Boulder, Colorado!

You Can Build a Long-Lasting Relationship

Family dentists are with you for the length of your care needs. This means you’re going to see the same dentist (almost) every single time you go in for care. That’s because family dental practices are small businesses, like Performance Dental Center, and the dentist — the one providing services to you — is the owner!

You Get Better Care

When you build a closer relationship with your dentist, you get better, personalized care. With a big box dentist, you’ll see a rotating cast of dentists every visit, who will read your chart and provide care based on that. Only a trusted, familiar family dentist can personalize your care based on your history and professional relationship with that dentist.

You and Your Family Can Work With The Same Dentist

If you’ve got a family, having a local, trusted family dentist doesn’t just simplify your care — it also simplifies your family’s care too, as you can all go to the same practice, and share the same relationship with a family dentist.

You’ll Have More Flexibility

Family dentistry is more flexible than corporate dentistry. Family dentistry offers unique hours, sometimes after the typical 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. window, or on weekends. Additionally, family dentists can serve as points of contact during dental emergencies.

Family dentistry offers superior care, helps build a stronger client-dentist relationship, and offers more flexibility than a larger, corporate dental office. Contact Performance Dental Center in Boulder, CO, to set up an appointment for one of our many services!

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